Oct 23, 2007

in addendum to the addendum to my previous previous post

it is now early in the morning and i'm home because of rain...didn't work yesterday because of a lack of work...kinda wish the rain had come yesterday and that yesterday's beautiful weather had come today...
oh well...one can't complain about the weather...i'm under the impression that it's taken care of by a rather perfect master...it'll be fine...
anyway...as the title would suggest, i have some changes to make...here goes:

- i still don't get enough sleep...but now it's usually at the right time because work has me on a steady schedule.
- i don't play computer games nearly as often these days...i've been filling my time with other, more cooler things
- one of those cooler things is my guitar...i play a lot more...and i play in a band now...we're performing on dec 1 if you're interested in showing up...it'll be a good time...it'll be a coffeehouse style where you spend money for drinks and snacks, but there's no cover...it's a good cause you'll be supporting too...
- turns out i can still type quickly...whee for me!
- i'm listening to music right now...imagine that...me...music...oil?
- cigarettes are still hurting my singing...can anyone tell me why it's so hard to start quitting? what the heck is the matter with me? i don't want to be a smoker anymore...i really don't...so why can't i kick this vile weed?
- i take care of myself a lot more now...i usually eat more than once a day...and it's usually good food...i train/workout and stuff...i'm faster, leaner, and stronger than i've ever been...and i like it!
- i no longer need to find my girl...i found her! her name's kat...she's my hero...she's the coolest, prettiest, funnest, sweetest, mostest bestest girl ever! i'm completely over my gourd for her...i don't know what over my gourd means, but i hear it's really good...warm and fuzzy and all that...you know...over my gourd...
- fin's still alive...i still don't think about him much...but he's still cool
- living with my friends would be good, but plans about living situations will be changing drastically what with the whole applying to the rcmp thing that i'm up to. step one down...four more steps and i'm off to regina for six months...eep!
- still...i should be living with my kids...this is mostly a desire to get on with my life...and in the past seven months i've been making some serious progress in that area...most of the details concerning that are listed above...it feels good and is intensely frightening at the same time...
- and, finally, cake doesn't suck but i don't like them...and anyone who's anyone knows that pie is superior in every way...

well...there you go...

Mar 13, 2007

in addendum to my previous post

it's very late, or very early, and here are some things that i'm realizing:

- i don't get enough sleep...or i get sleep at the wrong times
- i play too many games
- i should be better at playing guitar than i am
- i can type quickly because i'm a gamer
- music is a constant in my life
- cigarettes are hurting my singing
- i don't take care of myself
- i need to find my girl
- there's a fish that lives in my house that i only think about when i feed it...his name is fin...he's a beta...he's beautiful and feisty...he belongs to my mom...i think she'll cry when he dies.
- i should be living with my friends
- more to the point...i should be living with my kids...
- as much as i try, i can't love the band cake...much less the food...

oh yeah...my blog

so...i have a blog...

(in this space please hear the sound that a cowbell on a spring attached to a football helmet on your head makes when you shake out the cobwebs)
if you're confused about the sound ask danboy.

forgive me people, i have not blogged...my last entry is below and dated for your convenience.
you may be wondering what's happened to me since i last posted; what's going on in the world of me? well, the answer to that is very short and simple...nothing. i'm in the off-season of work...i look after my parents with the cooking and the cleaning and all the other things that entails...i play a lot more guitar than i have in the past year...and i still play a lot of games.

a. the music front

here're a few songs that all of you should know and listen to and realize that you're madly in love with:
jeff buckley - lilac wine (hot damn, that boy can sing)
elliot smith - tomorrow tomorrow (endeavouring to play it...not an easy task)
sufjan stevens - the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us! (what fun with rhythmic and harmonic layering...and he uses a mess of woodwinds...we all know that's good times)
radiohead - gagging order (try bending your head around the rhythm...it's pretty keen)

b. the gaming front

i know some people think it's pretty lame to play computer games...they're probably right. however, i find gaming delightful and extremely entertaining.
and now i'm going to admit to everyone who reads this that i have a problem...
i play world of warcraft
this game can suck the life entirely out of people...it has phenomenal powers over those who are not aware of it's wiles. one could say it's much like the devil that way, if one were so inclined to make such a ridiculous comparison. i'd like to think that i'm in control of my life and have not let wow (as world of warcraft is commonly called) take over. i suppose i'm not actually qualified to make that claim, however. you'd have to ask my family and friends whether or not that is, in fact, the case.
you may be wondering why i said that i have a problem. well, i'll admit, that was a little bit of sensationalism to pique your interest in the picture i'm about to show you...
this is a shot of my main character right now...her name is hindlithe...it took me some time and effort to get that white bear (it's her pet) and i named it angus. the little dragon-looking thing is her little dragon looking thing and the guy with his back turned has nothing to do with anything.
so...here she is:

you may need to click the pic to get a better view, if you're actually that interested.
ok...that's all

Nov 27, 2006

Music Challenge

saw this at my cousin piet's blog
thought i'd try it out...here goes:

1. put your music player on shuffle
2. press forward for each question
3. use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense

no cheating!

how are you feeling today?
white ladder

how do your friends see you?
ghost wiring

will you get married?
aerial boundaries

what is your best friend's theme song?
in other words

what is the story of your life?
rated x

what was highschool like?

how can you get ahead in life?
every night

what is the best thing about your friends?
scar tissue

what is tonight going to be like?
fakin' it

what is in store for the remainder of this weekend?
love rescue me

heh...that's kinda fun...i may have to try that a few more times on my own

Music Challenge

saw this at my cousin piet's blog
thought i'd try it out...here goes:

1. put your music player on shuffle
2. press forward for each question
3. use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense

no cheating!

how are you feeling today?

every night

Oct 17, 2006

what i need

i was reading felix's blog and decided to do the same thing...search google for the term/phrase "joel needs"
the most notable hits were these:

joel needs to live with a family until he is old enough to look after himself. he is happy to live with white or mixed race carers

joel needs to quit smoking that stuff. when he beats you with facts, attack him with stupidity

the rest of the hits weren't really funny, except for a one that said i could easily start on any nba team because of my passing skills...but it didn't have the pure "joel needs" beginning...
anyway, maybe i should stop smoking this stuff and move in with some white or mixed race carers...i could use some care...

Jun 19, 2006

as you wish, tink

Questions, questions...

1. Take the nearest book and look up page 18, line 4. What does it say...

"Whattaya got?"

2. Reach out your arm as far as you can. What do you touch?

Louie can nearly reach my door and righty can grab my choice hat that i'm also wearing in my msn picture.

3. What is the latest thing you watched on TV?

hmm...i think it was die another day with my pops.

4. Without looking, guess what time it is.
3:15...dang...it's only 3:00

5. Apart from the computer, what else do you hear?
my room fan, Radiohead - Gagging Order and my stupid whistling nose from this stupid cold i've had for about 5 months now.

6. When were you last outside, and what did you do?
well...i finished work at about noon today and then i went to pete's place and he showed me around his house. nice place really, especially once he's done all the million things he plans to do with it.

7. What did you look at before you started answering these questions.
i just tab-browsed my daily blogs...and before that i read my email and checked gamespy.

8. What are you wearing?
nothing!...that's what you wanna hear, right? right? actually, that's not actually the case, actually. i'm wearing some jeans and a black tee...

9. Did you dream last night, if you did, then what was the dream about?
you know, i so rarely remember my dreams...

10. When was the last time you laughed?
some time earlier today i'm sure...probably something pete or bun said. or sam or jrod or rod or ed. or maybe from something i heard on the radio. or perhaps i just was thinking about funny stuff and laughed all on my own. also, i'm pretty sure i laughed when i read tink's post of this silly list of questions.

11. What is on the wall in the room you sit in right now?
a picture of the cockpit of a concorde jet, a pink floyd poster, and five bits of art done by my sisters in highschool...you should see them...they're quite keen.

12. Have you seen anything strange lately?
i saw a man drop from a plane and sprout wings like a hang-glider and then calmly float to the ground. he then came over to me and smiled and taught me how to do the same thing. unfortunately, he proceeded to sap me with this little sack of marbles he was carrying. since then, i can't remember how to sprout the wings.
on further consideration, this may be a better answer to number nine.

13. What do you think of this challenge?
vous ne pas un robot vraiment! (i'm not sure if i spelled that properly. perhaps tink could give me the seal of approval.)

14. What movie have you watched most recently?
i already told you...

15. If you became a multi-millionaire, what would you buy?
i'd buy a nice house in ancaster and a sweet infinity G35 and a heckarigfully choice computer. and then i think i'd buy my church a new choice building with a killer organ with 64' pipes and a fabulous piano and a tonne of bells and whistles.

16. Tell something about yourself that others don't know.
i guess that a lot of people i know may not know that i just picked up a new car. it's a little 97 civic with 105000km and an ultra-clean body. once i jazz it up a bit it'll be a hecka keen car for me for a long time, if i'm nice to it that is.

17. If you could change ONE thing in the world, without consideration to politics and feelings of guilt, what would it be?
i think i would remove pride. i hate my pride and the pride of others makes me furious. i think a great deal of the grief in this life would be eased if people where humble. however, i could just as easily have said that i would take sin away. when it comes down to it, i'm just looking forward to the kingdom.

18. Do you like dancing?
yes, i just suck at it...and i won't have anyone saying, "no you don't...you just don't try." or "don't worry about what other people think, just dance." that's all a bunch of bunk...

19. George Bush?
looks surprisingly much like a chimpanzee...i have a pic that compares about 30 of his facial expressions to those of chimps. they're frighteningly similar.

20-21.What would you name your children, boy and girl respectively?
benjamin joseph
sara jane, or jane francis

22. Could you consider living abroad?
no...when it really comes down to it, i don't think that i could be that far away from my family.

23. What would you like God to say to you when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
"Enter my rest"

24. Four people you would like to answer these questions?
kins, los, kenny, and felix

May 18, 2006

because of mowing

this past week i've been relegated to mowing for the vanderwoudes because one of the regular mowers is not done with school yet.
if i've talked with you about mowing before, you'll know that i hate it. if i haven't talked with you about it before, well, to sum up, i hate it! it's painfully boring and when it rains it's quite a lot like torture of the soul.
when you're mowing and sitting on a tractor by yourself for ten hours straight you have a lot of time to think. as my cousin ed puts it (paraphrased), "you have so much time to think that by mid-afternoon you've gone through everything you can think about so you have to think about the stuff you thought about in the morning again."
so, in all my pondering about life, love, and the average flight velocity of a laden swallow (african or european...you pick), a strange thing happened; a lyric from my church's psalter hymnal popped into my head. this is curious because it came from nowhere and was surprisingly relevant to the dark thoughts that tend to plague my mind while i mow. thoughts and questions about why God has seen fit to punish me in this way.
anyway...here's the lyric:

hymn 49 verse/stanza 2

my faithful saviour keeps me in his care;
without my father's will cannot a hair
fall from my head; he shall for me prepare
a heavenly habitation.
all things must serve to further my salvation.
his holy spirit brings me consolation;
he makes me willing now with veneration
in hope his yoke to bear.

indeed...all things must serve to further my salvation...

Apr 13, 2006

number complete

on wednesday, april 12, 2006, at around 8:30pm, kathryn molly whetstone was born. baby kate was 8lbs 10oz, just like her sister lily. she's in perfect health and so is sara. thank the Lord for this new wonder in my family. a new daughter for sara and joe, a new sister for jane, hannah, and lily, a new neice for mar, kev, and me, a new cousin for william, fred, and sophia, and the seventh grandchild for my folks.


Apr 10, 2006


so...a psychologist decides to investigate whether pessemistic kids and optimistic kids always maintain their respective outlooks on life.
he places the pessimistic kid in a room full of all the best toys and games and goodies and stuff and puts the optimistic kid in a room with a massive pile of horse shit.
the pessimist plays happily for a while, then begins to complain...the games could be better, the toys could be newer, the food could be more plentiful and tastier...he maintains his pessimism.
when the psycologist goes to observe the optimist, he's nowhere to be found.
understandably worried, the psycologist runs into the room and discovers a small tunnel in the pile of horse shit...
he eventually finds the optimistic kid deep inside an intricate labyrinth of tunnels inside the pile...
he asks the kid, "what on earth are you doing?"
the kid says, "well, with all this manure, there's got to be a pony in here somewhere"


Apr 4, 2006


so...this wednesday, at two minutes and three seconds after one am, the time and date will be this:

01:02:03 04/05/06

that will never happen again in any of our lifetimes.
and i doubt it will ever happen again at all.
that is all

Mar 21, 2006

bunny films

if you're in the mood for some thirty second movie reenactments performed by bunnies, then this is your site.
including such greats as alien, the shining, pulp fiction, and my personal favourite, jaws.

Mar 11, 2006


i found this via bvo.
i'd appreciate your honest input on it...

Mar 7, 2006


yes...that is an alligator.
and yes...that is me.
this was definitely the most fabulous moment of my trip to florida. on an airboat tour of the everglades, under the direction of a local native, i got to touch a live, wild male alligator both above it's head and under it's mouth. i was hecka nervous but i wasn't gonna miss the opportunity to do something that i'll maybe never be able to do again.
as bvo will tell you, "i dig on the flora and fauna," so it was glorious to spend some time zipping around the 'glades and seeing the different plants and wild animals in their natural habitat. by far the best part of the trip.
the choirish parts were less than stellar, though we did have a wonderful concert for which we received many accolades from the locals and from our director (strangely enough).
spending the rest of the week with danboy's grandparents in cape coral was a nice, relaxing vacation. bvo, dan, and i got to chill out at the pool, get in a little beach time, hit the everglades, and catch the jays first grapefruit-league game of the season. altogether good times.
it was also great to meet danboy's family and to get to know them a little bit. wonderful people, to be sure.
anywho...i'm back home now and settling back into my loungy non-sod life.
feelin' good

Feb 21, 2006


i discovered this site via stumbleupon.
it's a unique idea, to be sure, but perhaps the most intriguing part of it is the large set of emotions it tweaked in me while i read through it. some were very dark, some incredibly bright.
on the whole i'd say i left the page with a blue emotion. not a bright blue, as there was enough there to make me sad for humanity, but a blue with a great deal of depth and character because i was left with a sense of hope from most of the cards and each gave much insight into the author.
let me know how you felt about it...what colour did you end up at?

p.s. if you don't dig on the whole emotions-as-colours thing, i forgive you.

Jan 30, 2006

an exercise in sync

try to make all the horses sing together. it was harder than i thought it would be.

Jan 24, 2006

midwinter heya

i figured it was time for a little update on my life as it sits right now...sit being the operative word.
i'm enjoying the non-sodding life of playing many many video games and generally relaxing and taking care of things around my house. i cook, i clean, i babysit, i sleep. it's not terribly exciting always, but i'm certainly not complaining.
also, i get to hang out a little more often with my friends and family. many nights of poker and euchre and settlers and beer and some beer and a little beer now and then.
the rest of my family is doing pretty well. right now half of them are sick with coldish-fluish symptoms, including my youngest niece, sophia. she's in the hospital right now, actually, with an oxygen mask to help her breathe. she's got a virus that's a lot like a cold, but she's a little baby; little lungs, little nasal cavities, little everything. A little virus does a big job on such a little package. the prognosis is not bad, but she's not exactly in a great health spot. offer a prayer up for her and her family that she has a speedy recovery and that they can get back to normal life again soon.
also, it's been a month of niece and nephew birthdays in my family. will, fred, jane, and hannah are all january kids, so there's been much celebration and such. good times.
well...i'm not sure there's much else to say. it's not really that much of a life to update on. i hope everyone who reads this is well and happy. and if i don't see you all the time, i miss you immensely...or i don't know you.

Nov 12, 2005

two newses

to begin, i've auditioned and successfully made it into the John Laing Singers. i'll be starting in January as a second tenor. pretty keen, i'd say...
and in other, more exciting news...i've a new niece! she was born today a little after 5:00pm into Mar and Kev's family. her name is Sophia Cornelia, after my sister Sara, my grandma Seena, and Sophia's grandma Cornelia. she's healthy, my sister's healthy, and we're all very happy.
it's particuliarly poignant that she was born on november 12 since my grandma Seena, my dad's mom, passed away on this day 25 years ago. God is wonderful and curious, isn't he?

Oct 25, 2005

Jun 27, 2005

yeah...that's right

could i have asked for a better jedi to be?

how jedi are you?
:: by lawrie malen

i mean really...look at that quote...so good!

Jun 7, 2005

sheepish grin

some of you may be wondering what has happened to my blog...if i have fallen back into the horrible slump that was my entrance into the blog world.
well, yes, i have fallen into a slump, but not the same slump...this one is because of sod.
i'm back at work for JVSF and i'm loving it, as you might have predicted. i'm getting a tan and some muscles and getting rid of all my nasty winter fat. the crew's pretty much the same, with the loss of diggidy and danboy, but the addition of the wonderful and increasingly sod JRod. he's a decent shot, that one.
anywho...i'm working and therefore not posting much.
but i assure you, if anything exciting happens, such a happenstance being highly unlikely, you'll be the first to know.