Jun 7, 2005

sheepish grin

some of you may be wondering what has happened to my blog...if i have fallen back into the horrible slump that was my entrance into the blog world.
well, yes, i have fallen into a slump, but not the same slump...this one is because of sod.
i'm back at work for JVSF and i'm loving it, as you might have predicted. i'm getting a tan and some muscles and getting rid of all my nasty winter fat. the crew's pretty much the same, with the loss of diggidy and danboy, but the addition of the wonderful and increasingly sod JRod. he's a decent shot, that one.
anywho...i'm working and therefore not posting much.
but i assure you, if anything exciting happens, such a happenstance being highly unlikely, you'll be the first to know.