Jan 24, 2006

midwinter heya

i figured it was time for a little update on my life as it sits right now...sit being the operative word.
i'm enjoying the non-sodding life of playing many many video games and generally relaxing and taking care of things around my house. i cook, i clean, i babysit, i sleep. it's not terribly exciting always, but i'm certainly not complaining.
also, i get to hang out a little more often with my friends and family. many nights of poker and euchre and settlers and beer and some beer and a little beer now and then.
the rest of my family is doing pretty well. right now half of them are sick with coldish-fluish symptoms, including my youngest niece, sophia. she's in the hospital right now, actually, with an oxygen mask to help her breathe. she's got a virus that's a lot like a cold, but she's a little baby; little lungs, little nasal cavities, little everything. A little virus does a big job on such a little package. the prognosis is not bad, but she's not exactly in a great health spot. offer a prayer up for her and her family that she has a speedy recovery and that they can get back to normal life again soon.
also, it's been a month of niece and nephew birthdays in my family. will, fred, jane, and hannah are all january kids, so there's been much celebration and such. good times.
well...i'm not sure there's much else to say. it's not really that much of a life to update on. i hope everyone who reads this is well and happy. and if i don't see you all the time, i miss you immensely...or i don't know you.