Mar 7, 2006


yes...that is an alligator.
and yes...that is me.
this was definitely the most fabulous moment of my trip to florida. on an airboat tour of the everglades, under the direction of a local native, i got to touch a live, wild male alligator both above it's head and under it's mouth. i was hecka nervous but i wasn't gonna miss the opportunity to do something that i'll maybe never be able to do again.
as bvo will tell you, "i dig on the flora and fauna," so it was glorious to spend some time zipping around the 'glades and seeing the different plants and wild animals in their natural habitat. by far the best part of the trip.
the choirish parts were less than stellar, though we did have a wonderful concert for which we received many accolades from the locals and from our director (strangely enough).
spending the rest of the week with danboy's grandparents in cape coral was a nice, relaxing vacation. bvo, dan, and i got to chill out at the pool, get in a little beach time, hit the everglades, and catch the jays first grapefruit-league game of the season. altogether good times.
it was also great to meet danboy's family and to get to know them a little bit. wonderful people, to be sure.
anywho...i'm back home now and settling back into my loungy non-sod life.
feelin' good