Apr 10, 2006


so...a psychologist decides to investigate whether pessemistic kids and optimistic kids always maintain their respective outlooks on life.
he places the pessimistic kid in a room full of all the best toys and games and goodies and stuff and puts the optimistic kid in a room with a massive pile of horse shit.
the pessimist plays happily for a while, then begins to complain...the games could be better, the toys could be newer, the food could be more plentiful and tastier...he maintains his pessimism.
when the psycologist goes to observe the optimist, he's nowhere to be found.
understandably worried, the psycologist runs into the room and discovers a small tunnel in the pile of horse shit...
he eventually finds the optimistic kid deep inside an intricate labyrinth of tunnels inside the pile...
he asks the kid, "what on earth are you doing?"
the kid says, "well, with all this manure, there's got to be a pony in here somewhere"