Oct 23, 2007

in addendum to the addendum to my previous previous post

it is now early in the morning and i'm home because of rain...didn't work yesterday because of a lack of work...kinda wish the rain had come yesterday and that yesterday's beautiful weather had come today...
oh well...one can't complain about the weather...i'm under the impression that it's taken care of by a rather perfect master...it'll be fine...
anyway...as the title would suggest, i have some changes to make...here goes:

- i still don't get enough sleep...but now it's usually at the right time because work has me on a steady schedule.
- i don't play computer games nearly as often these days...i've been filling my time with other, more cooler things
- one of those cooler things is my guitar...i play a lot more...and i play in a band now...we're performing on dec 1 if you're interested in showing up...it'll be a good time...it'll be a coffeehouse style where you spend money for drinks and snacks, but there's no cover...it's a good cause you'll be supporting too...
- turns out i can still type quickly...whee for me!
- i'm listening to music right now...imagine that...me...music...oil?
- cigarettes are still hurting my singing...can anyone tell me why it's so hard to start quitting? what the heck is the matter with me? i don't want to be a smoker anymore...i really don't...so why can't i kick this vile weed?
- i take care of myself a lot more now...i usually eat more than once a day...and it's usually good food...i train/workout and stuff...i'm faster, leaner, and stronger than i've ever been...and i like it!
- i no longer need to find my girl...i found her! her name's kat...she's my hero...she's the coolest, prettiest, funnest, sweetest, mostest bestest girl ever! i'm completely over my gourd for her...i don't know what over my gourd means, but i hear it's really good...warm and fuzzy and all that...you know...over my gourd...
- fin's still alive...i still don't think about him much...but he's still cool
- living with my friends would be good, but plans about living situations will be changing drastically what with the whole applying to the rcmp thing that i'm up to. step one down...four more steps and i'm off to regina for six months...eep!
- still...i should be living with my kids...this is mostly a desire to get on with my life...and in the past seven months i've been making some serious progress in that area...most of the details concerning that are listed above...it feels good and is intensely frightening at the same time...
- and, finally, cake doesn't suck but i don't like them...and anyone who's anyone knows that pie is superior in every way...

well...there you go...

Mar 13, 2007

in addendum to my previous post

it's very late, or very early, and here are some things that i'm realizing:

- i don't get enough sleep...or i get sleep at the wrong times
- i play too many games
- i should be better at playing guitar than i am
- i can type quickly because i'm a gamer
- music is a constant in my life
- cigarettes are hurting my singing
- i don't take care of myself
- i need to find my girl
- there's a fish that lives in my house that i only think about when i feed it...his name is fin...he's a beta...he's beautiful and feisty...he belongs to my mom...i think she'll cry when he dies.
- i should be living with my friends
- more to the point...i should be living with my kids...
- as much as i try, i can't love the band cake...much less the food...

oh yeah...my blog

so...i have a blog...

(in this space please hear the sound that a cowbell on a spring attached to a football helmet on your head makes when you shake out the cobwebs)
if you're confused about the sound ask danboy.

forgive me people, i have not blogged...my last entry is below and dated for your convenience.
you may be wondering what's happened to me since i last posted; what's going on in the world of me? well, the answer to that is very short and simple...nothing. i'm in the off-season of work...i look after my parents with the cooking and the cleaning and all the other things that entails...i play a lot more guitar than i have in the past year...and i still play a lot of games.

a. the music front

here're a few songs that all of you should know and listen to and realize that you're madly in love with:
jeff buckley - lilac wine (hot damn, that boy can sing)
elliot smith - tomorrow tomorrow (endeavouring to play it...not an easy task)
sufjan stevens - the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us! (what fun with rhythmic and harmonic layering...and he uses a mess of woodwinds...we all know that's good times)
radiohead - gagging order (try bending your head around the rhythm...it's pretty keen)

b. the gaming front

i know some people think it's pretty lame to play computer games...they're probably right. however, i find gaming delightful and extremely entertaining.
and now i'm going to admit to everyone who reads this that i have a problem...
i play world of warcraft
this game can suck the life entirely out of people...it has phenomenal powers over those who are not aware of it's wiles. one could say it's much like the devil that way, if one were so inclined to make such a ridiculous comparison. i'd like to think that i'm in control of my life and have not let wow (as world of warcraft is commonly called) take over. i suppose i'm not actually qualified to make that claim, however. you'd have to ask my family and friends whether or not that is, in fact, the case.
you may be wondering why i said that i have a problem. well, i'll admit, that was a little bit of sensationalism to pique your interest in the picture i'm about to show you...
this is a shot of my main character right now...her name is hindlithe...it took me some time and effort to get that white bear (it's her pet) and i named it angus. the little dragon-looking thing is her little dragon looking thing and the guy with his back turned has nothing to do with anything.
so...here she is:

you may need to click the pic to get a better view, if you're actually that interested.
ok...that's all