Mar 13, 2007

in addendum to my previous post

it's very late, or very early, and here are some things that i'm realizing:

- i don't get enough sleep...or i get sleep at the wrong times
- i play too many games
- i should be better at playing guitar than i am
- i can type quickly because i'm a gamer
- music is a constant in my life
- cigarettes are hurting my singing
- i don't take care of myself
- i need to find my girl
- there's a fish that lives in my house that i only think about when i feed it...his name is fin...he's a beta...he's beautiful and feisty...he belongs to my mom...i think she'll cry when he dies.
- i should be living with my friends
- more to the point...i should be living with my kids...
- as much as i try, i can't love the band cake...much less the food...